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Like Sinatra at the opera, bring a blonde…

Like Sinatra at the opera, bring a blonde…

VOTE! We still need him.

Anonymous asked: what do you use in your hair when it's straight??

redken anti-snap leave-in treatment.

Anonymous asked: What do you use in your hair daily? How often do you straighten it?

when my hair is curly i used mixxed chicks products. the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment. it made my hair a lot healthier. i don’t straighten it too often because the heat damages your hair.

Anonymous asked: okay so, me and my bestfriend havent been that close as of lately. neither one of us tries to hit each other up. we recently graduated from high school. its seems like were both just so busy with work, but thats never an excuse not to talk to your bestfriend.i dont know what to do. i want to just write her a card and tell her every thing i feel but im not exactly sure what to say. do you have any advice? how is your relationship with your bestfriends? how do you think of them?

as you get older and obtain more responsibilities you’re going to find you have less and less time for your friends. especially, if you’re both doing what you’re supposed to be doing for yourself. my best advice is to pick a day like a busy couple would do a date night.

Anonymous asked: I don't understand how you can tweet about how your mom will help you "bury the body" if it ever came to that conclusion, but when your brother was murdered you wanted justice. Isn't every one else entailed to the same thing.

that was obviously a metaphor pertaining to the fact that my mother was loyal to the point that even when I was wrong she’d have my back and cuss me out in private later. oh anonymous one.


  1. A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.
  2. A thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else, esp. something abstract.


I remember when I was in middle school me and my mom were in the Burger King drive-thru. These bad ass kids on their bikes rode up in front of us and threw eggs at our windshield then rode off. My mom got the food, calmly looked around the parking lot, spotted the kids and acted like she was gonna run they asses down hahahaha. Rest in peace Ma.



I remember when my mom was still in the hospital, we already knew she was gone but still didn’t want to leave her. So the hospital staff let us camp out in the waiting room since it was an hour and a half drive from home. When I woke up that morning my brother was already awake and in the chair right next to me. He was only 18 at the time. He said “What are we going to do now?” You have to understand our mother was our life. I said back “Don’t worry. I’m still here.” I knew right then everyone was going to be looking at me as if I was her. It was as if she transferred all her strength to me knowing everything I was going to have to go through that next week. I then had to plan her funeral and deal with all the legal paperwork. Not to mention the family drama that came with everything since my mother was the one who kept everyone in check. What my brother didn’t know was when those Church doors finally opened for the funeral to begin, he grabbed my hand, and he was all the strength I needed.